A friend and I have come up with a brand new charity gift concept that is very simple and that marketed correctly could become a huge seller, and thus raise a lot of money for a number of good causes.

We need a Project Manager for this - someone who can work with us on this vision and make it happen with our help. Ideally someone already working in the charity sector would be best, but someone with tenacity and a will to do good would be superb too.

There are a number of elements needed for the launch of this idea:

1) A simple website needs to be built that clearly shows the great idea and allows people to purchase it.

2) We need to source a company that can provide (sell or give) tin cans that have screw-off or resealable tops. The tins must looks like a 'can of beans' style tin can, ideally.

3) We need a number of partner charities to be involved who each will benefit from the sale of this product. They all must have 'items' that they can sell - e.g. a charity bracelet, A Meal for 70 Children, Seeds for Farmers, buying a Malaria Net for someone in Africa, a Carbon credit even, etc etc...

If you think you can help with making this exciting and beneficial new idea happen, then please get in touch...