To mark the launch of his Celebrity Cock-A-Doodle Pad product, Shed decided to create an online version of his bestselling novelty memo pads... allows visitors to doodle on a selection of men (using a computer mouse) and the finished masterpiece can then be sent via email, or posted on Facebook or Twitter...

“I’ve always wanted to create a big online hit…”, says Shed. “I tried it with my Guantanamo eBay site and that did pretty well….but it never quite swept the globe as I’d hoped – so I’m really hoping people will love and that it’ll be a mammoth viral phenomenon…”

For the month of December, the site also features a bonus figure for users to draw on – in the shape of the topical character, Santa. “You can draw in his baubles”, explains Shed.

To bring the site to life, Shed was thrilled to work with the amazing team at Overthrow UK – Paul Davis, Jim Towning and David Bond.

“Overthow UK are quite simply a rare and brilliant web design and multimedia firm”, says Shed. They’re fiercely creative, hugely professional, immensely talented and lovely, to boot… I thoroughly recommend them…three thumbs up…”.

To start doodling now, visit - click on the image...