Credit Crunch Breakfast Cereal


Shed Simove, a serial entrepreneur – is also a ‘cereal entrepreneur’. Shed spent fourteen months creating and manufacturing a brand new breakfast cereal called ‘CREDIT CRUNCH’ -  and successfully sold this unique foodstuff in limited-edition one-portion boxes during the last economic recession.

The groundbreaking  cereal is made mainly of wheat and consists of four currency symbols – a Pound, Dollar, Euro and Yen.

Shed explains: “It took a long time to manufacture – and without going into the intricacies too much, the only way to get shapes in a cereal is by using the 'extrusion moulding' process and this takes a long time to get right…plus, there’s only a few places in the world with the capability to make such a specialised cereal…”.

"I'm now ready to hear from Supermarkets who would like to stock this item on an exclusive basis...hopefully we can roll this cereal out the UK and Worldwide soon...".

Shed has even come up with marketing slogans for the cereal, like:

• Purchase of this cereal cannot guarantee weight loss - but you'll definitely lose a few Pounds...or Yen...or Euros...or Dollars...

• Credit Crunch Cereal: the perfect start to any redundancy day…

• Or… 'Credit Crunch Cereal: The food of choice in difficult times. Not at all bitter.”

• Or even… ‘Best Before Your House Is Worth Less Than Your Car’.

• Credit Crunch Cereal: Cheap ~ Delicious ~ Recession Proof

• Just add milk and eat whilst watching your house price go through the floor / your shares plummet / your pension fund disappear.

• Bank on this to keep you full all morning…

• Invest in a hearty breakfast today…


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