As the young people say...O.M.G.!!

(Which means "Oh My God!!")

Get ready to become very excited... Yes indeed, after months in the making, we're exceptionally proud to inform you that Shed's brand new creation is on sale NOW...

You can buy a FF from Shed's Shop...

The 'FLYING FUCK' is a totally original new remote control toy created by by Shed Simove, author of bestselling book 'Ideas Man'.

The idea came to Shed when he met the great guys who run the fabulous gift website They told him that remote control helicopters were their hottest selling gift.

That got Shed's creative juices going. Someone suggested that he should manufacture a remote control 'flying penis' but as you probably know, that's been done before (see Gary Kasparaov on YouTube - very funny) and then someone else suggested a 'flying pig', but that's also been done, plus the thought of it just didn't get Shed that excited.

So that's when the angels sang and a brainwave hit - Shed came up with the idea of making a 'flying word' - where the word is the F-word, thus creating a real life, fully functional 'FLYING FUCK'.

I was thrilled with the notion that now, for the first time in recorded human history...

You can either GIVE A FLYING FUCK or DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK - it's up to you...

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Shed is holding a contest to find the person who can upload the best video onto YouTube containing a 'FLYING FUCK'.

Simply upload your link onto this site and the best video that shows a Flying Fuck in action (judged by me and my trusted advisors) will win some amazing Shed prizes.


'FLYING FUCK' is a trademark of Shed Simove

BUY THIS and other 'Shed Products' by visiting the SHOP - click HERE