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Shed Simove has developed the perfect Christmas present for any techy toddler.
Shed, who created the bib in association with Jane Cathcart said: "This bib is perfect for any youngster being born into the exciting internet generation. The future belongs to every ‘dot-com-kid’ coming onto the scene and this bib is exactly what each future mini-Zuckerberg needs to inspire them to becoming a web zillionaire."
"The bib is carefully embroidered and made from washable material for use over and over again. The ‘Gurgle Bib’ is a beautifully designed piece of hardware and arrives fully functional right out of the box - simply remove the bib out, boot up your child and attach the bib whilst feeding data into your offspring’s port. Suitable for kids age 1.0 to 4.0."

The Gurgle Bib has now been updated to reflect the most recent font design: