The iFoam™ is a washing sponge which is the same size as an iPhone X...


iFoam™ Features:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Works with Apple, Tea Mobile, even Blackberry
  • Compatible with windows
  • No leads or adaptors required
  • Sinks seamlessly
  • Perfect with OS Eggs
  • Watch soaps on it
  • Smartwash compatible
  • No foaming charges
  • Make sure you clean up with an iFoam!
  • No dirty phone calls
  • You can wipe it and all your apps still appear every time
  • Soapachat
  • Snackchat
  • Washapp
  • Cleans viruses
  • Discounts available to people in Wash-ington
  • Perfect to put on your bucket list
  • Don't have FOAM-O - get one now!
  • Not compatible with Samsponge