Shed's Quiz QTUBE Launches!

I've now launched a quiz concept I’ve been working on for over ten years on YouTube.

The quiz is called ‘QTube' - as in Question Tube. It involves questions creatively shot on video that look like they could have been made by members of the public.

The first questions have been made by me and in the future, I hope other people will make and submit their own.

The videos will be released one by one as engaging entertaining clips of about one minute long.

My Quiz idea was optioned twice by ITV, but hasn't hit the airwaves yet - so I decided to release the individual questions I’ve created, myself.

I’m looking for a partner brand, TV prodcution compnay or Influencer to help me blow this idea big. The first question is below...

The YouTube channel is here: - please subscribe!!

Thanks! Shed